Thursday, 4 March 2010

bottlephobic bootcamp.. day..err..

seriously..i've lost count on the days.. i so need a ticker for this mission.

no luck since i enrol hannah in the bootcamp. but i can see some improvement..hei, still better then none right? instead of the usual screaming and spitting and letting the milk freeflow without even trying.. she has progressed into latching to the teats and suckling. then made a face. then stop. then try again.

my current "ok-this-is-the-last-i'll-ever-bought" gadget was first year breastflow bottle &teats. which i think is the one she liked best. i dunno how this is going to go though.. luckkk!!

on the solid food part..she's loving it. even took a liking to the sippy cup. not quiet there...but almost.

and as she is turning 4 months in a week.. i notice she snooze in much, much earlier..much to my liking. so good for my very low blood pressure problem these days (yes, its back..). but she's very grumpy during the day. i hope its the weather and nothing else..

oh well peeps.. good night..another long day tomorrow..


Khemy said...

wah bulatyer cik hannah..

embun pun camtu gak, siap menangis high pitch lagi even now when i feed her bottle during weekends.sometimes aku give up and BF her. kena la jugak marah ngan babysitter aku sebab Monday jer dia macam cranky taknak minum susu, aku buat dek jer. nak wat camner..takkan nak biar dia melalak sepanjang hari..

Twiggy said...

little alisha was like that initially too! didnt want the avent or whatever else teats i bought her UNTIL i discovered the NUK latex teats. try that! they're a lot softer than the silicone ones, eases the transition. nanti after she's used to it, you can try back the silicone ones