Saturday, 20 March 2010

kechik on.. parenting

when i was a kid.. i thought being a parent is easy peasy. being a mom, atleast, is easy. i mean, my mom is a stay home mom. she cooks..and cleans..and my dad taught me how to swim, play hockey, took me out to footy games and boxing matches.. my mom only have to feed me..keep me safe.. and clean. wait.. at a certain age group i will only shower when my dad is around. yes.. i am that spoilt.

but i turn out allrite..and my mom is still my everything. see.. easy, right?

then .. i become a mom. oh my.

when i think long and hard.. really.. the last time i had a break and get to do things at my own bloody sweet time.. was the day i was induced. seriously. who says confinement period is all holiday for recuperating mommies? i had none. its all about hannah. i think i took care of her less now that m back to work. heheh.

Before i had hannah, i always had new clothes, had time for mtv, saw lots of movies, always did my hair and make-up (although i only like wearing benefit's base), wore clean-stain-free clothes, wore heels (or cute flats) everyday, had a spotless house, left the house whenever I wanted, did all my laundry in one day, drove a vios like its suppose to be driven, went on vacation at a moments notice, stayed up late and slept in late, ate out whenever I wanted. and my heavenly massages and facials and salon trips.


my online shopping blogs were all bookmarked at blogs selling baby's clothes. her closet is bursting at the edges. and she's only 4 months. facials?? a thing in the past. hair.. as short as it gets.. and my vios could no longer accomodate all of us..although she's less then 90cm. but her diaper bag, car seat, katak juling (dont ask), stroller..what not. plan trips to the store between feedings, never go out after 7:00 bedtime, rarely eat out, wear flip-flops everyday, do laundry every day of the week. and dont get me started on holidays. that, has yet to be ventured into. i still dont have the guts. plus, caveman is still away. if he's around at least there's someone else to blame.hehehe

but i adapted. shit, showered, shaved in 15 mins (shower alone used to take 15 mins).. i plan and appreciate time better. anything that spells meaningless..or wasteful is out of the picture. at the end of the day.. i am a lot happier now. heck i am even more comfortable in my mommy body then i ever was before. nothing beats the sloppy kisses, her tiny fingers pinching my neck, her addictive gummy smile..

i think i like being a mommy..hee

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Khemy said...

welcome to the club..glad to hear you're embracing it :)

chubby tul hannah tu..