Tuesday, 30 March 2010

the one where we went away part 1

After 4 months of hibernation,i finally picked up anough courage to take hannah away for a mini weekend holiday.i was to attend a course (which i detest) on a saturday in ipoh.on a positive note (motherhood does weird things to you),i figured it would be a great way to test hannah's endurance (hee) on long distance trip,what works&otherwise,and a good break for my parents&i.

Nevermind we had to stay in one of the oldest hotel in ipoh,as the course was in the same building (nursing would be a lift button away,instead of driving/walking to another better hotel)..i was super excited to finally get out for a breather.

After much planning (told ya packing for a weekend is way harder then a 2 week backpacking trip),a sleepy hannah was further snoozed via the booby in the car.it was 7pm&she was very confused as her car rides was usually in the morning.but she nursed on anyway.and sat in her infant seat for a bit.and nursed some more.the moment we got to the hotel,she was very excited.realising she's not on mommy's bed tonight got her even more excited.hee.she was all girly screamy&later fell asleep with not much hesitation.

After a not so yummy breakfast,it was difficult for hannah to fell asleep on her own as she usually sleeps in the swing.ofcourse la tok wan taknak angkut buai bagai naik turun hotel.and since her fisher price swing couldn't arrive on time,opah le kena jadik swing.hee.

I could only endure 1 1/2 hour of the course,which was unbelievably torturing.i couldn't care less what the consequences would be,i'd rather be with hannah.

After lunch & a short nap,we took her to ipoh parade.after a while(a while of running around grabbing some clothes for her,jakun,lama tak keluar),i realised her back was drenched in sweat.so i switched from the stroller to a sling pouch.i thought i could nurse her while we stop for a drink.but the damn restaurant's a/c was out&my mom had already started to feed her with cereal.aiyah.and she started to get cranky.my november baby is truly winter baby.hee.

She was a bit difficult that night.i seriously couldn't recall what i had that might cause some tummy trouble (her scream was one of those ear piercing kinds).

Lesson learnt on day 1 :

a.meticulous planning may make you a weirdo,but it eliminates tons of 'oh my god,we didn't (fill in the blanks)' scenes.

b.her maxi cossi was black.thus,gets warmer&warmer.i think.but i have these supposedly cooling,white padding on them.she's not ready for the quinny zap,yet.sigh..

c.carrying a 7kg'er' in a sling pouch is not funny.fooh.but i didn't bring her soft structured carrier (ssc) as i couldn't make her do a froggy,or spread her legs.but the carrier caveman got for himself is in the car.ought to try that tomorrow.

d.m still not ready for public nursing.hee.

e.never forget your nursing diet even on holidays.i almost bought a thai pulut&mangga (sticky rice eaten with mango&coconut milk).yummy.luckily it struck me at the last minute that pulut is gassy.sigh.

f.m not much of a bag person.probably buys a good one,once a year (ei but that doesn't make me less of a woman ok hee).i've realised my current hanndbag (which is the usual large nine west that i love) is not mommy material.its just not big enough,between the sling pouch,the nursing cover,her diaper clutch cum changing mat,camera (camwhores!),snot wipes,bum wipes,what nots.so i got myself a bigger bag.cute.murah lak tu.

g.flats, is the way to go


Khemy said...

Hannah muka cam boring jer..

yaya+frdz+auf said...

aah laaa...hehe

little miss kechik said...

memang pun.. die tidooo je..hehhe

khemy said...

beb betul la orang cakap kalau fully breastfeed anak mesti chubby. tapi kita2 sekali chubs sebab kena makan jer round the clock and tak boleh diet miet kan?..(alasan orang yg denial sebab tak dapat turunkan berat badan LOL) Aku ni 68kg jer dari dulu tak gerak2. caner....