Saturday, 24 April 2010

Asma ul husna..

While browsing & taking notes on ways to improve my depleting milk supply..i got really dizzy&decided to pick up a book instead. I saw my asma ul husna book,untouched. Since hannah came along, i haven't been reading. Anything. Seriously.

Thinking, let's learn something. When i was pregnant, i picked up quiet a lot from my usually untouched religious books. Well,it is said parenting starts in the womb. there were a lot of asma ul husna (99 names of Allah) that was useful during pregnancy. I figured, there must be a lot that can be used, as a parent.

And voila! I found al - matin (maha sempurna kekuatannya, utmost perfect strength, rougly la). recite ya matin 70 times, hembus ke dalam air untuk diminum..InsyaAllah susunya akan menjadi banyak (untuk ibu ibu yang tidak banyak susu). Daily ye ibu ibu.

hendaklah dicuba dengan sepenuh hati yang ikhlas ye ibu ibu (part ni aku tabuh je..but true what. Faith is the key)


P/s : dibaca 10x &hembus kepada anak, insyaAllah mereka akan dijauhi dari melakukan zina

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Twiggy said...

noted noted noted!! will try this insya Allah!