Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The compilation..

I've been on a serious food / drink hunt since i started breastfeeding hannah on her second day. I would practically eat (and drink) anything & everything people suggest as milk booster. Most worked, some were gassy or gave me a migraine. The gassier ones will be avoided, the migraine induced will be braved through.

Some of those that i've tried to increase my milk supply are :
1. Horlicks (thumbs up! But m pretty sick of after a month)

2. Red dates & dried longan combo (this worked wonders,especially during my confinement. But now it gave me a migraine. I find normal longan works too).

3. Oats (no wonder my milk supply were ample before. I had this for breakfast, for the whole 40 days. Now m back to oats, not only for breakfast..but every couple of hours. Hee)

4. Sawi cina @ bak / pak choy?? Or something (yummy. Ratah le banyak2).

5. Anything masak lemak as it is said coconut milk is a milk booster.

6. Sardine (yums!)

7. Lobak putih (tried this once. It worked but i dunno why my mom doesn't cook them anymore. No reviews were done i presume? Hee)

8. Anmum materna. Jangan malas minum susu ye ibu ibu.

9. Everything soy & dairy. Unfortunately it gave hannah a bad gas,and wind. So i am now dairy & soy intolerant. Which means no ice cream ye puan puan. Sigh.

10. Bubur kacang hijau. Got this through twiggy's blog. Tq darl! worked like wonders. But, err, how much of these can you take anyway kan? Telan je la!! Hee.

I've tried those milk booster teas. Gas. And m waiting for my supplement which i bought via fabulous mom to arrive. My cousin kak etty used to tell me fenugreek worked. Verdict will be updated.

usually when something worked, i'd be texting my breastauranters.. Cousin yaya & bestie maya. And there will be quick updates on the latest ounces too. Which, i swear, when we no longer breastfeed..would be something funny to reminisce.


yaya+frdz+auf said...

hee~~sume diatas ok but number 8 tu wa mmg xleh blah....hohoho.... asal tah tekak tak leh terima susu. adoi.

anis said...

halba works wonders!! try it... me booby is ALWAYS full and i get 10oz every 2hours!!! try try... :D

yaya+frdz+auf said...

anis....makan halba camtu je ke?

anis said...

hmm make it into tea or anything la. rebus halba tu and then tapis. the air tu you mix la dengan honey or susu or anything u want la. minum with milo also can. it works wonders. ada dalam hadith nabi this is the best way to banyakkan susu. on a good day i can get 15oz. try it and let me know how it works for you okay :)

Azrina said...

Salam perkenalan. Zaila untuk perbanyakkan susu pertama sekali ialah kerap mengepam atau kerapkan direct feeding. Make sure kedua payudara kita betul2 kosong. Boleh ambil apa2 booster or supplement tapi jika tidak mengosongkan payudara denga kerap dan efektif hasil tetap sama. Pernah cuba SHAKLEE di mana selain membekalkan vitamin2 yg diperlukan oleh badan kita ia juga ada membekalkan alfafa di mana ia berfungsi untuk memperbanyakkan susu. FYI, minum susu bukan utk tambah susu tapi untuk diri kita, calcium intake. Yang ini ramai yang silap kerana menganggap minum susu, susu badan akan banyak.

Happy Breastfeeding!

fififlafla said...

mine dah redha ajer 1oz everyday. Once home, while im bf O, i pump as well on the other hand. Managed to get 3oz. So total 1 day = 4oz. But she needs at least 6oz daytime of bm while another 6oz is the soymilk.

I hate the biggest culprit!