Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dear Darry

Dear darry,
I hope someday you get to read this blog of mine&know how much i love you.

Let me tell you about your birth day.i was in uni,sitting for my final paper for my final was my japanese language paper.yes,i aced it..just so you know.i then realised there were tons of missed call from your papa.i could only assume the best news has

When i first met you,you were less then a month old.all dark&red you was love at first i stayed on in butterworth to a)find a job and b)bump around with you,i fell deeper&deeper in love with you.

We stayed on as best buds until you turned 10 months old,when i had to return to lumut.i finally got a real job!now mamateh can buy you real toys!and clothes!yeay!little did i know how much i was going to miss you.oh how much i missed you darry.

Growing up,you hated most of my boyfriends.which,i find seriously cute.on my wedding day,you told me you wanted to marry me.and i wanted to cry for i dont know how i would be fair in love&war to both of my favourite men.

Darry sayang,
You have no idea how i lay sleepless at night,when i've screamed at you (and your cousins) during the day.little boys who knows no have no idea the countless times i cried everytime i think of have no idea how fond i am of you when you told me you love me too.

So darry,today as you turn 9,please know that i am always here to cheer you on.i am always here as your number one fan.

Happy birthday baby..mwahh!

Love, mamateh..