Saturday, 17 April 2010

hannah's 1st holiday

No one is more excited about this langkawi trip,then hannah&i. I was super excited for the last holiday i had was in my 38th week. hannah was excited as she watched her parents frantically tried to pack all our things in between nursing sessions.

Yes the list was endless (as usual) but m proud to say it all came into good use. Lol!

And m also proud to announce that i have managed to nurse in public. For the first time. In a packed ferry! Phew. car trips from pantai cenang to pekan kuah has been hannah's routine nursing sessions. Sometimes caveman had to warn me that my boobs was wayyyy out there for the masses' view. Lol!hey, this is my damn rented myvi. And m feeding MY baby. Sukati wa a kan.

Hannah was a happy camper. The only time she gave us a real scare was on the first night. Dumb parents totally forgot the time&took her for a walk by the beach, almost maghrib. Yes, dumb. I know. You know la setan banyak time2 macam tu. Tepi laut lagi. Orang nak buang antu, toyol sume dalam laut. So malam tu hannah was like mini emily rose. Seriously. It took us more then 2 hours, both grandparents&parents reciting the yassin&kursi, to finally calm her down. I felt like a total loser. But as a consolation, her photos that evening by the beach was beautiful. Hee.

I admit i do miss dining out&having a more planned itinerary. Our itinerary revolved around her nursing & nap sessions. But it was a very laid back 3 days. Everything was at a baby time. Slow. Hee.

Although i didn't get to take her to the marina at pantai kok for a family photo (where her parents once took one) and took a photo of her in her first bikini (since mommy can't fit into one anymore).. It was a great holiday. Sampai lupa la kat my brother's birthday. Mamat tu siap sound kiteorang lagi. Hee. Sorry la nuar.. langkawi tu jauh. Kalau wish ari yang betul pun, lambat sampai.hehehe!

I didn't like the fact that the adik2 at idaman suri&haji ismail shops with black fingers touching her cheeks though. And everytime the boys looked our way i'd check if my boobs are showing. oh no, it is only hannah giving them a gummy smile.

So, would i take hannah for another holiday? Its melaka & kluang in june baby!

Disclaimer : photos to be uploaded a.s.a.p

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hanieharis said...

melaka?? yeayyyy!!!! fingers????...keji dowh..hahahhahaa