Friday, 30 April 2010

When i was much, much younger..

This entry is long overdue. I wanted to write this when i was pregnant, but i never did. And no worries peeps, this one doesn't involve embarassing school days pics.

a couple of months ago, we received a letter from tmnut. It had a consent form, to allow them to include our home number in their phone directory. You know, those thick kinds that could kill a mouse. I never knew they still have them. So i (being the bossy one) decided i didn't want to. Caveman thinks otherwise. I told him i don't want boys calling hannah from petang to pagi. He thought m mad. Hormones.

When i was in school, my parents' home phone was always hogged. By either my elder brothers, or me. Mostly me after they both left for uni when i was 14. Wee!

It was always my peeps. Mostly lis&yummymummy. And of course poe. Then boys happen. Out of nowhere. One of them (i called him twiggy as he was, well, thin as twigs), was one of the regulars. We never spoke at school, only on the phone. At school we were total strangers. At home, we're mates.

all through high school (and uni, before handphones rules the world), my mom probably have interviewed all kinds of boys. My mom find it funny. my dad doesn't like them one bit. Me.. I love the sound of a ringing phone. Hehehe. Tak cukup tanah ni lari kejor telefon kalau bunyik.

So, though hannah would probably own a handphone by 5 like most kids these days..i guess she may not know the thrill of using a normal phone. Not knowing when / who is calling (caller id manade dulu kan). Boys her time will never know how to curik line or whatever twiggy did to the bloody public phone for free calls. Hee.

So why did i wanted to write this?13 years ago i told twiggy i have a boyfriend in uni.eii i thought he's my mate,kan? Wrong. He dissapeared from my life since then. I never know what happen to him. And of all of my old friends whom i've lost contact with, i thought about him most.

Until, he found me on facebook when i was in my last trimester. Married, with two kids. Hee. And have not changed one bit.

Now.. My 'old friends list' is complete..

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