Sunday, 16 May 2010

change already aa?

On thursday, caveman came home with a new handphone. Happily he showed hannah&i his new toy (which, weirdly, is white) ..but hannah&i were nonchalant. I mean,c'monla..caveman with a white cell? Yes, it is my doing..hee.not only i manage to make him change his black bat mobile to a white suv a.k.a family car..i made him think a white handphone is cool. Hehehehe..

But the next day, on our way to kluang.. Hannah&i got really bored. No more booby milk. No more naps. Ahaa..let's screw up daddy's new toy. And to our amazement (yes,hannah is very much like me in the jakunness area),his n86 has a camera so fine that got us camwhores very excited.

Tula,eksyen lagi. Now m thinking of swapping my e63 for an n86 too. But m too used to the qwerty keypad, i dont think i can go back to the normal keypad. Dang! And, besides the super cool camera,the n86 is pretty bland.

But it will be much easier to carry around hannah..who would've thought the ancient t50&d60 would be too tedious when you have a baby? Hehe.

And yes.. I found the nikon 50mm with autofocus is as expy as buying a whole new camera. Sigh..

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