Monday, 10 May 2010


Today, at a meeting, that was supposed to be a quick boss asked me..

'what is your dream?'

without hesitation, i said :

'i want to be a stay home mom'

And he gave me this look as if i'm crazy. Both of his wives works full time. So what? Does he think being a stay home mom is something a woman would decide, as an easy way out? Sebab dah malas keje,so, dok umahla? Wtf? And he gave me a long lecture on how i've become complacent. Eh?



Mom again said...

kudos to your wtf attitude!
there are people who think that being a full time mom reduce a woman to some kind of veg state. f***ed up big time right?
i get it too. sigh... i personally find working in corporate world is easier than being a full time mom.

anis said...

heard on the radio they compared a working mom and stay at home mom and apparently "they" (whoever they is) found that being a working mom is harder.

which got me furious. i'm a stay at home mom and people look down on me because i don't work.
DONT WORK? excuse me.

did not know that the baby can take care of themselves
did not know that the toilet cleans itself.
or the laundry is magically washed and ironed and put nicely in wardrobe all by itself, and dinner magically masak and served. pfft.

it is not the easy way out. working mom ke stay at home mom ke i think both the same. being a mother is not easy.

i'd like to see your boss become a stay at home "mom".

little miss kechik said...

yep. wtf. and what does my dream has anything to do in a meeting right? i rather stay in the surau and have some booby time.

and one of my guy friend told him his dream is to have more quality time with his family (he's a workaholic). and u know what my boss says?

"you are a failure. as a man, u cant be complacent. you must have a mission"

wtf rite?

yaya+frdz+auf said...

ta-hape-hape.... ingat senang ke.... eeee......kerja lagi...pumping lagi....balik basuh baju lagi.... kemas lagi...BF lagi...prepare food lagi...bla...bla...blaaa.... *interframe* hehe