Sunday, 23 May 2010

the mm's

this year.. as usual.. caveman would not be around. yea, uhuh, ok. so what else is new, right? but i have hannah with me, right? so caveman asked.. what i want for my birthday. last year i asked for a white dining table for 6. because the (then) current dining table was a japanese style dining table .. where.. unfortunately, could not cope with my ginormous pregnant belly. or was it the other way around?


being a momsy (sangatlah).. i thought of something that would be beneficial for both hannah & i. then i figured.. a new lense. i still have not finished reading my d60 manual. seriously. and i got that for my wedding hantaran. a new lense. fuh.. mencabar. i have been told by my brother and other photography enthusiast that i needed the 50mm afs lense for potraits. and you know how much that was. yes.. a whooping rm1,800++.

then my brother told me.. ala, get the 35mm instead la. you're a novice anyway (he didnt.. but m sure he wouldve if he got the chance..LOL).. scouting around at i got my lense.. and after much texts and phone calls later (especially to my friend zainur..thanks darl!!).. here's the first few attempts.. the last few belum pandai lagi. the first few dah pandai cket.. hehehe

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Mom again said...

gorgeous pictures babe!
if the model is already hot, no need canggih lenses.