Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mommyhood..1/2 yearly review..

1. still improvising my multi tasking skills..
*the first few months as a mommy saw me working under intense time constraint (both at home&work). Mainly it was due to hannah's bottle refusal syndrome *hee* . But as she picks up the sippy at 4 months, i have managed to :
a. Have lunch / dinner outside again
b. Run my errands with a piece of mind (and still have some time to mengulat a.k.a beli tudung, baju, 100yen, furniture,curtain haha)..instead of rushing around to meet hannah's nap schedule.
c. Have facial & a decent saloon trips again

2. I drive like a saint.. To protect my loved ones in the car. I still have my bat mobile though. For my rempit drives (alone of course haha). The suv is solely (as caveman puts it) for family purposes (whice doesn't cover my shopping trips, except groceries. Not for greens, or *yeay* ikea trips). Dang.

3. i now shower like cars washed via the auto car wash. Yes. Unbelievable. I dont think my brothers would believe i have managed to change this habit of mine. I normally take between 15 to 30 mins in the shower. Now? 5mins. Tops. Peh. Which explains why my shower cube is filled with everything in pumped bottles (pump, lather,rinse,go!)..all lined up in a row. My life is a big production line now.

4. breakfast like a king.. Lunch like a king.. Dinner like a king. Diet? Yes, of course. Anything that spells milk a must. Anything that is good for hannah.. Is a must too. Which means, i eat one too many greens these days. Something i didn't even do much when i was preggers. I even eat jantung pisang. Yep. Brave little missy (as i've been told it is a milk booster). And the amount of rice i scary. But luckily i lost all of pregger weight (and then some). And m in no rush to fit back into my old kebaya (as many of my peeps have noticed, m very boobylicious now semua takleh butang). Because ladies.. You can always buy new ones. Along with the new cutesies you're buying for your baby, as she quickly outgrows the old ones (hannah now wears diapers size xl & anything that is 6-12 months, hardly fits her head & arms). So the next time someone mentions how fat you have gotten.. Do what i do.. Smirk at their under weight kids. Hee. Ok dont la..its not nice..

5. I am braver than a lion. I kid you not. The things i do for hannah, scares even caveman. When he saw me unblocking the damn white thing on my tits, he almost fainted. Umbilical stump? no biggie. Nursing from midnight to dusk, on the second day after a c-sect, with plenty of poo in between? So what. Mommies do that, and more. First timers, or seasoned.

I look forward to the next half yearly. Recording milestones as i go. And thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts.. Mwahh

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