Wednesday, 30 June 2010


i just realised (among the many, many, many things that i tend to forget hehe).. that i haven't blogged about :

1. the kind, lovely peeps and families whole came to visit hannah & i since she was born..
mainly because i didn't take their photos with her.. sigh...
2. many major events.. i.e. birthdays, holidays.. bla bla..because.. errr.. err.. i just simply forgot.

dang... what has this blog turning into. ooo i know... i know...some mommy blog updated via cellphones. d'uh.

so here's for a start of a back to the good blog days (hehe!).. photos from my birthday..

(intro gile panjang)

there were plenty others.. but its 5 in the morning.. i have no idea what m doing awake while hannah is still in slumberland.. go figure.. i make no sense these days


hani said...

Hey babe..I'm back ;)
Hannah looks so much like u in the lower pic..heeee
so adorable!!

little miss kechik said...

wahh sungguh lama menghilangkan diri.. heheh! yea.. i think she look a bit more like mommy now.. but very big like daddy..hehehe!

Hani said...

yg kt bawah gambar bantal atas kepala mcm daddy dier..hehe