Thursday, 17 June 2010

My baby kangaroo..

my first baby carrier was a fucshia littlepod pouch sling. I bought it via littlewhiz, when i was pregnant. Based on the sizing chart, the measurement should be based on your back (shoulder - hip bone), instead of the front.

you know la i was festively maternal finding my hip bone was not easy *lol* gamble jela. Luckily the pouch fits me&i have been wearing hannah (after much, much practise) when she was about 3, 4 months kot.

The kind of remarks i get when i carry her via the pouch was very funny :

"eh eh die bawak camtu je anak die" (2 orang makcik yang sangat kepoh)

"haa.. Macam ni la bagus bawak anak" (a pakcik said this.. Bravo pakcik!)

"eee kesian baby tu..terkepit" (some anak2 gadis..ko ape tau??! Ko bcg pun tak amik lagi!)

Then i have my soft structured carrier (ssc) from snugg and a mothercare carrier (which initially caveman got for himself. i *heart* these babies. It totally takes away the pain that was bugging my back from carrying hannah with the pouch. Travelling was a breeze with it. But it takes away the simplicity of the whole process (bulky& will not fit into any of my bag). the pouch still does it for me during short shopping trips..a walk around the house.. A makan2 trip.

As for a ring sling..poe gave me a beautiful momsinmind ring sling when i was expecting hannah. Which, until today i have not mastered. Hannah loves the sling. I, on the hand is too clumsy&could not pull it off successfully. Yet. Hee. I envy people who effortlessly carry their baby in a sling (my cousin nurses in them). Must practise. Must!

Not i've realised my pouch is a tad sloppy. Measurement taken..weehee i have shrunk (well d'uhh). I think hannah looked a bit laid back & i feel quiet strained.

Which could only mean one thing.. Its time to get mommy a new pouch! Muahaha!


Fieran said...

Hehe, I like Hannah's "What are you looking at?" expression.

yaya+frdz+auf said...

hehe...kan...kan.... wa bawak auf dlm pon asyik kena tegur dgn org kepoh... siap ade statement
"ehh...macam indon" so what... hahaha....

p/s: bonda pon nak new ring sling. muahahaha!

little miss kechik said...

fieran : she gets that from caveman. haha!

yaya : tula.. ade tu datang.. eh ingat bibik.. celake je. hahaha! alahh alasaaannn... eh jom carik yang skull tu?? kewl woo! rasanye ade jumpe .. but like sooo expy..!

Fieran said...

Hmm...kechik, cuba cari kat e-bay. Maybe ade.