Friday, 4 June 2010

what's in my head..

I could not care less when :
1. You think m a moody spoilt brat (and told my mom about it)
2. You think i teach my kid to hate you when i try to calm her down&take her from you (the fact that she cries everytime you hold her is something one dont teach a baby)
3. You think m spoiling her by breastfeeding her exclusively, and avoid a whole lot of kinds of food during such period.
4. You think we're anti social midgets when my kid has to nap when there are guests. Really.. She's not even 1. Where were you when she's over tired (because you wouldnt let her nap) & crying? Yes.. You were napping yourself.
5. When you paraded my kid around but shove her in my face when she needed something (a change, a bath,a nap, a cuddle). Yes, you only want the trophy minus the labour.
6. When you offer your parenting tips like leaving your kids behind by themselves, so you could work. Or.. Oh here's a good one.. Let's decide everything for our kid & claim its one hell of a good job you did when in actual fact..your kids hates it.

Yes. You are that self centred thing i so need to stay away from.

Unfortunately.. I couldn't.


P/s : not menstruating does not mean i dont have emo hormo..


Khemy said...

lemme guess, the out-laws? haha
sabar jer la..

Anonymous said...

selamba lu beb... ur hubby tak kisah ke kalau baca?

little miss kechik said...

selambe jela. sape kate its the outlaws anyways?

squidward said...

duhh..ipar duai tak semestinya from husband's side...