Thursday, 29 July 2010

I hereby..

I...hereby announce..that i have decided..with a heavy tanker heart.. To.. Wean.. the.. Breast..


With the current situation of expressing 10oz per day.. And hannah consuming the same amount by mid day.. I don't think m being fair to her. The immense stress that it put me puts a strain too great for me to handle.

As i write this with teary eyes.. Hannah is at home throwing a fit as my mom introduced her formula in a sippy. She was so outraged by it, she even refused my ebm.

This morning before leaving for work, i told her i needed to do this only because i love her & i do not want her to be deprived of the nutrition she deserves. She pouts & sulk, that smart little ass. Hee.

Did i mention 2 pearly whites has emerged?hee.

Anyways.. I hope this goes well..

1 comment:

yaya+frdz+auf said...

*sob* asal aku lak sedih ni... huu.... its ok... kita dah berusaha ke titisan yang terakhir... :P