Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Oh my daddy..

Mommy says daddy works in a boat. So this ugly boat takes daddy on loan basis (because daddy belongs to me & mommy) for two friggin months. When daddy comes home, i throw mini tantrums along the way. Only to show him m a grown up la. And all mommy will say.. teehee padan muka daddy. Hehe!

But most of the time i became this cuddly angel..because when he's on leave..its for a whole month! And daddy will take us on mini holidays. And buy me things.This part mommy la yang ajar. Hehe!

So for all you other les enfant whom daddy works very, very far away.. Hang in there.. Your mommy kan ade..

(khidmat pesanan masyarakat dari hannah binti ridhuan)

1 comment:

yaya+frdz+auf said...

hahahahha.....pandaiiii hannah... ;P