Thursday, 26 August 2010

buhbye august..

with august coming to an end.. i find it pretty difficult to recall certain events. like when my mom asked me.. bile eh (fill in the blanks) .. all i could give her was.. a blank stare. 2010 has zipped through so fast. very fast i might add.

on the home front :

1. i finally managed to redo the garden. it was a jungle my husband & mom created when i was preggers. yes, they had a field day. and i hated it. it was planted with all the things i hated. i took it all off.. planted nothing but greens (inspired by our stay at Sunset Beach Resort, Langkawi). a work in progress as i still have the other side of the house to redo. by that i mean remove all the unwanted pokok bunga kertas. bluergh!

2. managed to wash my sofa cover.. after much hesitation. hahah!

3. still did not manage to put up our wedding photo. or any of hannah's photo. or do that damn canvas print thing. damn.

on hannah :

1. after 2 nights of super crankiness..and wailing.. i realised her two front teeth was out. and that makes 4 front teeth. but please la.. i hope this was the hardest. it kills me to see her cry like that.

2. she crawls. backwards. then sits. then lunge forward like superman. then sits. then crawl backwards. hehehe!

3. calls me mama. or ateh (family nick name). but calls me mommy when in pain. or half awake. neat ei.

4. is now wearing 18 - 24 or 2t. sigh. 10kg.. macam sekampit beras tuuu (ni daddy die kata kalau kena rock her to sleep eheheh).

5. is taking the formula during the day. but at a very minimal amount. she eats a lot though. sigh. and she cries everytime i tell her she needs to take the formula while m at work. and that my milk stock is depleting. breaks my heart.

on work :

1. wellllll.. sexyback is no longer here. yehu. my new bos is ok.. but my newer bos (yes, they keep changing their mind).. is .. urgh. m catching up like mad at work.. since the new structure requires us slaves to go to these monthly meetings. where.. the whole of the state will see how much you produced in a month.. kena tabuh depan satu negeri ye puan2. then followed by a teleconference. where, you kena tabuh in front of the whole malaysia. ye. dunia saya sangat kejam. sigh. i could never win. but who cares!?

2. and sexyback gave me a bad assesment. oh well.. there goes my bonus. mintak kat laki je la. heheh

on other matters :

1. lumut nak bukak tesco siot..hehehe!


yaya+frdz+auf said...

fulamakk....tesco siott.... hahahaha. ulu yam belum ada lagi. hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

saya peminat tesco. x bolh jd buloh pon patut ade 1 tesco- hanie