Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Penang! Penang!

Penang has always been a favourite place of caveman & i. we love the place, the food, the shopping. we have always wanted to take hannah to our favourite places in penang.. but due to the schedule constraint of both caveman & i.. it only happened last weekend.
so we decided to stay at the new hard rock hotel,in feringgi. lucky hannah (mommy and daddy pun tumpang gumbira).. our seaview room was upgraded to the lagoon room. which faces the open pool. caveman & hannah loved it.. i loathe it. there is no way m squeezing into any form of swimsuit or bikini (bye bye blue bikini) in these stretch marks! so i was only a by stander.. taking photos of the super enthusiastic swimmers.
it was hannah's first swimming experience and she loved it! her zebra bikini was a bit tight for the bottow (i bought it when she was ..what? 3 months old? hehhe!) but she was so adorable in it! she loved the water.. just like mommy & daddy.. hehe! and cry everytime caveman pulls her float back to our porch. she threw quiet a tantrum when we took her out of the pool.. resulting in another round of swimming session .. just to calm her down. sigh.. just like mommy..
well, atleast she slept through out the band session that night .. which concludes the downside of staying at hard rock.. well at least at the lagoon room as it was too near the stage thingy where the band was. luckily our room was the farthest of them all.
the next day.. she was so moody i could not figure out what was going on. she usually like eating out.. in the crowd and all. but that morning, she was so cranky she even refused her breakfast. i finally figured out that she wanted to go swimming as she kept pointing out the sliding door. note to self.. NEVER make a promise to Hannah Bt Ridhuan.. she REMEMBERS!
We checked out of hard rock .. and checked in G Hotel. My favourite hotel. and lucky us again.. we got upgraded, again. woot! i love G for its location of course (connecting to Gurney Plaza.. hahaha).. well not much damage was done as we are all on Hannah's schedule. i did not want to tire her out that she became cranky.. i learnt that the hard way in langkawi. so we parents just follow the baby la. i manage to get the things on my list.. so i guess that's the plus point of shopping with a baby. hahaha!
as hannah loves books.. her favourite place was mph. weird. she was like in toys r u.. but she's in mph. heheh!
unfortunately she could not go swimming at the pools in G. the pools were nice.. especially the kiddy pool. the moment we got to the pool.. we wind was so hard, hannah knew she could not swim and started crying. aww poor baby. fortunately.. we brought her inflatable bath tub (just in case she could not fit into the sink hehe) .. so hannah pun main le ayor dalam bilik ayor je. hehhee! as long as my baby is jubilant.. mommy & daddy are extra jubilant!  
it was a good mini holiday.. although i was very tired (more tired then i was staying at home!).. but at least we get to go out as a mini unit.. and operate as efficiently as possible. hehe! and got to take hannah on our favourite excursions ..
i wonder where would the next mini holiday destination be.. teehee..!


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