Thursday, 2 September 2010

Chef mommy..

I have to be honest, since i got the annabel karmel book.. I have been reading it religiously..and that's about it. I probably have tried the simple fruit purees.. But the ones that needed actual cooking.. I, err.. haven't had time to try.

So some of my supermommy peeps suggested batch cooking.. Where you cook for a week's portion, freeze & warm when needed. Right. Sounds like a plan.

A plan i didn't think would be feasible. For me,at least. Hannah would be clinging to my feet and arms, and don't forget boobs during weekends. I needed 2 days just to put all the clean laundry in respective closet! What more to come up with a week's menu, get the supplies, cook (or learn how to cook), cool & freeze it. even thinking about it makes me tired.

But hannah has been refusing most of her cereals. And i am quite worried, and would be very upset if she turns out to be a fussy eater. My nephews were fussy eaters&it frustrates me when they only want rice with scrambled eggs & kicap.

So on merdeka day.. I merdekakan myself from this dilema..and dengan semangatnya macam askar melayu carik komunis dan jepun.. Drove to giant with a list in hand.

Hours later, i find myself in the kitchen.. Contemplating. Now..which shall i try first.. My initial plan was :
1. Chicken bolognese
2. Beef bolognese
3. Rice with chicken & corn
4. Rice pudding

Of course, we made the chicken stock in the morning. this chicken stock is yummy. and it can be the base of many recipes. Even for the traditional bubur nasi @ moi (rice porridge). No salt, no sugar, no oil. Only water, some poultry, carrots, parsley, thyme, to name a few.

Anyways, i only manage to do the beef spaghetti bolognese. And my mom did the rice with chicken & corn. It was difficult when you could hear you kid screaming in the other room 'myyy..myyy!' teehee.

I honestly thought the bolognese was a flop. All i could smell was the baby carrots. I thought, how can i flunk in cooking baby bolognese when adult bolognese is my thing? Then i remembered.. Ohh itu pakai prego. Ehehhee!

So dengan frust nya i mengaku kalah & got a bit moody. But today.. My mom told me, hannah loved the spagethi bolognese. It was such a hit she was clapping her hands. Unfortunately, i wasn't there to see it. But just hearing this seriously made my day (it was a crappy day).

And now i truly know what it means by .. Air tangan ibu.. Awww..

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