Friday, 29 October 2010

counting them days..

well.. i haven't got much to say.. because :

1. i am super busy at work. super. seriously. mama thinks i deserve a six months bonus next year. *LOL*

2. mon mons party is like 2 weeks from today.. it is still the alice in wonderland tea party.. but m still contemplating & still analyzing should i do it outdoor.. or indoor. outdoor would be super nice.. but indoor would be better for the little ones (her guests are 50% 3 years old and younger). so in is it. now m figuring out how the heck am i gonna hang them bloody butterflies & wind chimes. indoor. oh my poor plaster ceiling. sigh.

3. i have purchased a brand spanking new printer for mon mons has demolished the previous one. this is suppose to be for the things i needed to print for her party.

4. mon mons is super active & learning to walk. and the moment she crashes.. its either back to work for me.. or back to designing her room.. or planning her birthday party. sometimes i can hear sounds in my head.. but i dunno what it is.. *LOL*

and this is during lunch. sigh..

have a good weekend peeps!

1 comment:

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