Monday, 11 October 2010

pressed for time..

well what do you know.. it is October..! i mean.. that's a month to Hannah's first birthday.. and 2 months before we hit 2011. it's crazy, right? time flies too fast. i hardly have time to pee.. what more to blog. aa but you have time to FB.. kan? weird.. but yes. but only during my 5 min breaks at the office. at home.. it's all about Hannah..

yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary.. and just like my birthday.. valentine's day.. his birthday.. out first wedding anniversary.. caveman was not around. oh well. what;s important is.. he will be around on Hannah's 1st birthday. InsyaAllah..

on her first birthday.. i've decided to do a zebra theme. cute ei.. at first i want to go ahead with the polka dot theme.. but after seeing her in her Gap Zebra dress.. she looked wayyy to cute to not have a zebra party. but i've been really busy of late and m not sure if i can pull it off. sigh. wish me luck peeps!

why have i been so busy? because.. i have a new boss. well, he was my supervisor.. now he's my boss. which means.. sexy back is no longer here. woots! and i also have an asshole as an RD.. which means there's monthly productivity meetings.. and.. i'm currently under Consequence Management ..due to two consecutive threshold position for my KPI.. andd... my former boss whom has taught me a lot in my wonder years *LOL* is back as our region head.. woots again! sooooooo... i've been working my ass off. plus, not getting my bonus was a huge blow. tee hee hee. and so far it's been ok. hopefully i do well this financial year. Amin.

Hannah.. has been a hand full. full. seriously. she's been really good during the day... taking her formulas.. eating well.. and being such a trooper while m at work. and she's teething really fast. first there's two.. then 4.. now 6.. and m seeing 2 more at the top. so she's drooling so much. and everytime it fell on the flooor, she'd use her other hand to wipe it. yucks. double yucks when my mom found her smashing a baby cicak to death. yikes! she loves the playground. and calls other big girls kakak. i think she'll talk before she walks. and so far her playdates have been going on well. maybe my office mates & i should do it more often. when time permits, of course. hehe!

so that's about that.. i haven't had time to blog much these days. but i still love reading my peeps' blogs. will keep you posted.. mwahhh

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