Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hannah's first party..

well.. all i can say was.. she was in a bad mood *LOL* .. she had her afternoon nap.. woke up after 2 hours and demanded to know where are all her "kakak" (girlfriends). it was 2pm. duhh! teee hee. tried to make her take a nap before the party at 5 but she was too excited to do so. of course by the time the party starts she was all cranky. and cried when they guest sang her happy birthday. sigh.

but all she needed was some tlc and booby time with mommy. and the hostess with the mostess is good to go again. it was really difficult to take the kids' photos. with them moving around so much.

the cake & cuppies were beautiful. thanks to ANRdelights . and the chocolate lollies she made.. yumsss!! and the custom made tee is from Cuda. niceee..

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