Monday, 10 January 2011

Stranger anxiety

Yes.. I get them when people come in to my office asking things like m the financy minister.

No la.. Remember i was blogging about how hannah cries when we have company? Or if you laughed or talked too loud in her presence? She loves a company.. But freaked out when people starts grabbing her ..or laughed out loud. My cousins all know this too well. Hehe.

I read that stranger anxiety is very normal. And they grew out of it. Eventually. My mom told me my brother had it, and would hide in his room whenever we have guests. Lagi teruk! Ahaha!

I would cringe when i hear things like .. Ala kuat nangis la die.. Or, tu la..tak selalu bawak keluar dah takut orang.. Or worst, ala hannah..sosial la sikit. And this came from someone veerrryyy close to me (no name dropping please). But the latter made me grin.. bet you'd regret saying that 13 years from now!hahaha!

It is funny when we have to always remind others to not laugh or talk too loud (our home became a shrine hahah). Or to gently fend her of pesky hands who wants to dukung her. Of course we were confronted with ugly tears when some just went ahead and grab her. And worst *gasp* walk away thinking they could make her stop cryIng. This made me furious!

Of late i notice she doesn't cry so much in the presence of others. But would still refuse to be held by strangers, except for some people whom she would be drawn to immediately for some unknown reason (theory 1 : big boobs remind her of mommy?? Theory 2 : male friends all remind her of daddy?). But i take this as an advantage. I think it is much safer that way.

So for faces similar situation like mine.. Just let your child be. she will grow out of it. Or maybe she's just shy. Which, is inherited from somewhere along your dna mix up. Don't push her to be more outgoing.. isn't she a baby? Who cares if people think you ni mengada ngada, kalut, over protective of your child. So what.. your child what..?? None of them will be there when your kid starts screaming.

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