Saturday, 15 January 2011

the years gone by..

after two years.. my heart still aches whenever i think of her. and i still think of her. i could not stop thinking of her. i kept thinking of my childhood with her. my adolescent years with her. my adulthood with her. how i wish she's here telling me what i should do in my motherhood years.

i kept thinking, have i done enough? was i behaving? was i misbehaving? did i hurt her gentle heart in any ways? did i tell her enough how much she means to me? did i make her cry? did i tell her how she always made me laugh? did i make her proud? did i tell her everything is ok..?

in your lifetime.. you will meet that one person that changes everything. that made you doubted everything.

she is one of them.

I miss you horribly.

Al Fatihah.


Daleela said...


a yummy mummy handbook said...

al fatihah..i know how much u miss her babe. Its a cycle of life we go thru, she is in a better place insyallah.
big hugs!