Saturday, 19 February 2011

chic muslimah..

so what have i been up to lately..

well.. nothing much.. feeding off my unmanageable stress level by picking on mons (she doesn't seem to be complaining and loves the huge doses of attention).. and turning to food. so yea i've lost all my pregger weight.. but has ballooned into this thing that could not fit into any of her old clothes. read, any. read, anything pre pregger era. sigh. oh well. life must go on for we only love once. right.

so as my hubby refers my latest fashion is very muslimah mak datin. muslimah as in it is all non body hugging. no skins please. mak datin as in, oh sangatla mengada chic kinda way. LOL. oh well..whatever works la kan. and with our new online hijab project kicking off (so far alhamdulillah), i've been turning around my wardrobe into a more chic muslimah wardrobe. and by turning around i mean giving out my old clothes to make space for new ones. hahah!

and i found some local blogs that sells really kewl chic muslimah clothes like ammara, rina salleh, even hijabi boutique ..but what are they..size 4? blergh!

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