Sunday, 20 March 2011

The grass on the other side..

How i picture our garden
1.thick lucsious green grass frangipani
3.big leaves-elephant palm&bird's nest
4.ducks w/ hats@scarves
5.mushrooms big&small
6.a funny frog
7.a fat cat
8.a white bunny
9.a kissing couple
10.tweeting bird

Aahh.. That quaint little garden. That warm feeling in my belly as i walk through it in the morning. And in the evening. Leaving the shits at work behind.

How the garden looks now :
1.giant trees w/ no matlamat idup. No masa depan.
2.broken bunnies. Cats. Goblins. Kena rejam dengan mons
3.grass that's neither here nor there.

That what-the-heck is that feeling everytime i look at it. The m - gonna - burn - that - damn - tree feeling. The do - u - really - think - that - needs watering feeling.


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