Monday, 28 March 2011

It gets harder everytime..

When she was younger.. She would cry everynight for at least a week when her daddy leaves for work offshore. And when he comes back, it would take her just hours before she clings to his neck & feet & wouldn't leave him even for a second.

Now that she's older..(at 16 months la tapi kan hee), it took her weeks to be attached to him again. She wouldn't even let him hold her. When they finally bonded, it is time for him to leave. Again. But this time, she seemed ok with it. She walked around the house, looking for daddy. Imitating the way he laughs. No crying. Yet. Insyaallah..

The day he left, i told her daddy has to go to work & he'll come back in two months. I told her he's doing this for her. he may not be here all the time, but he loves you just the same mons. He think about you all the time. And mommy is always here for you.

And she nods. Wiped her tears. And fell asleep. And i keep telling myself not to cry. For i know he loves his job & everytime he has to go away it hurts him just as much.

She hasn't asked about him so far. as usual she would grin ear to ear everytime she watches her daddy's mms. Daddy, daddy, ha ha ha she says.Tee hee hee.

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