Monday, 18 April 2011


photo credit : style pantry it's not like m suddenly feeling patriotic over my work place.. the fact that i have to drag myself to work tomorrow ..on a public holiday..doesn't prove anything..but only because i need to raise the extra cash for my impending beautiful caftans..still a work in progress in bandung. and since my friend aas is willing to work the extra hours to sew some abaya & hijabi fashion mashion (hopefully something we can sell in teh future..kalau tak pun aku sorang je yg beli..heheh) i am therefore willing to work the extra hours. they pay triple on public holidays..haven't you heard?


anyways..out of frustration.. and boredom.. and sheer sakit hati.. i headed out and got myself not one..not three.. but two.. wait for it.. skirts. yes. maxi skirts. oh heck. it looked good when i was size at size 14..

eii maxis are super for the well endowed ok.. tee hee hee..

but..i dunno why...i got myself a turqoise chiffon maxi.. and.. tskk.. an animal print maxi. sigh. i have never bought anything (clothing) in animal prints.. have i? i mean, hannah has tons of em zebras and leopards.. but i don't.

so i dunno.. let's wear them to work tomorrow. if only i could figure out what to wear it with.. check out this link.. takkann.. hehehe

p/s.. maxi skirts lawa pe..hehehe

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