Sunday, 24 April 2011


scene : tapping knuckles furiously. have been waiting at the drive through que for about 20 mins. damn u mcd. all i want is my hotcakes! mons screaming yayan! yayan! (jalan!jalan!)

me : m not going to smile today. no thank you too. you guys sucks today

mons : yea. sucks.

oops. opah & tokwan laughed their guts out. great mommy. look what you've done.

hotcake came. mons said maseh. m just mumbled through and drove to the park.

scene : driving towards the park. la la la la. a car in front of us signaled to the left.. and seemed to be taking forever to just get to it.

me : oh my god.. what on earth is your problem?

mons : sucks.


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