Friday, 13 May 2011

Here kitty kitty..

I bought a hello kitty watch for mons a couple of weeks ago. Its a cheapo watch,where there's a button&when pushed.. Tadaa a hello kitty appears. Tutup lampu..just turn the dial and there's like 12 different hello kitty on my wall. Happy camper she is.

She likes cats, you see. i hate cats. Especially hello kitty. But according to my mom, at some point in my life, i did like hello kitty. Oh well, tak ingat kirenye tak kire la. Hehe.

So since she's so into hello kitty, i thought maybe we could do a hello kitty birthday this year. I know la november is 6 freakin months from now.. But for me 6 months is very sekejap ok. I have things around my room for over 3 months, still not able to put them in their designated place.

These cake pops are to die for kan? I so wanna learn to make them. Tapi tak taula kan.. Hehe.

Source : bakerella

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