Saturday, 18 June 2011

pixie cut

Mons's hair has been very fine..and curly since her first day. And lately my mom have been complaining how unruly her hair is. Her curls are out of this world. Hee.

I've been contemplating in taking her to my hairdresser. m not sure how she'll react to it. But since its a really nice place,m quiet sure she'll like it.

So we took her to my hair dresser of 9 years. And mons instantly likes him. She was waving her hand.. Saying hi. And waited patiently for her turn. Mula2 dia gabra gak la, mana tak nye.. Masuk2 ade nyonya tengah set rambut. Hehe.

Mula2 my mom dukung. Lama2 naik seh duduk kat baby chair plak. She kept saying haa cantik.. Cantik.. Heheh.

And now her hair is a super cute pixie cut. Hopefully it grows into a really nice length now that they are all of the same length. Hehe!

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