Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The day i became wiser

Probably the longest overdue thing on my list..to have my wisdom teeth removed. I've been having these on&off pain for years. But since my dentist assured me it either my flu.. Or a sinus (which i never had),or 'i just can't see it coming yet (well, d'uhh??). Until i insisted on an xray last may. Or was it april.

And there they weRe. All 4 of them. I think i've told this story before.

So i had to wait for caveman to come home to get the surgery done. As i was initially told i had to be warded for 1 night. Sigh. I was more worried about mons, then of the surgery.

The best news came a day before the surgery when they told me its a day thing. Means i can leave in the evening. Yeay!

So there we were, at 6.30 am at pantai hospital,ipoh. As scheduled. Got to my ward, it was a 4 bedded ward. Which i hated. I have never been hospitalised before (mons was delivered at a private ob-gyn). Got my scrubs. And waited. The Wifi was so laju i tell ya. Hehe! So that wasn't so bad.

Then some nurses came. Then my dentist came. Said it is scheduled at 9.30, and it should end by 10.30. but as i will be under GA (general anestethic), the recovery will take some time. Urgh.

Wheelchaired out of the ward (first time too), into the operating theather, i lost count of the number of people who asked me 'is there any allergies that we should know off?'.

There's a waiting bay. A parking bay. And so many people running around. 1 medical officer. 1 anestethis. More nurses. All smily faces trying to make me feel better. Geez. The operating theater was white. And huge. And cold. at one point i thought this ain't a dental surgery, this is cardiac! Recite my zikir once the oxygen came on,and alhamdulilah i was still reciting it when i woke up.

The chronology was .. 9.30, starts. 10.30 ends. 12.30 woke up. Threw up.Gibberrish. Bla bla laloq. 4.30pm fully awake.

my throat was dry. Had no voice. Dried blood in my lips&nose. lapar. the warm barley the nurse gave me almost killed me. Sakit! I was on ice diet since. had tutti fruiti on our way back. Yums.

And turn out, they only extracted the bottom horizontal wisdom teeth. The upper teeth were too far up. Sigh. Now all i can eat is cold porridge. And mons has probably gained her monsy cheecks back now that m at home. And i have lost 3kg to date. Nevermind the squared jaws. Heheh!

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