Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ramadhan is..here!

I know Ramadhan is about 2 weeks plus from today.. But m just super excited. Usually ramadhan&eid got me really sappy for i missed arwah mak (my late grandmother) the most during this period. But this year, m super excited because :
1. Bersyukur sebab dapat jumpa ramadhan lagi (kalau tahun ni tak pulun jugak memang tak guna satu sen la!).
2. I think its the age factor (people die young these days, note to self).
3. And also the fact that munchkin (she is no longer mons, very petite) is almost 2 and will be super adorable in a caftan her tante aas will make for her..matchy2 with mommy..ow yeah i've fallen into THAT band wagon.
4. You know that itch to plan a party? Since nov is miles away, and m still the hostess w/ the mostess this year (caveman will be offshore again this raya, but hei! MIL buhhbye!).. Who says you can't plan parties during ramadhan&syawal. Of course kita takle panggil party, gile?? I read in a book by nik aziz on ramadhan, a sip of water given away in ramadhan pun besor pahalanye. Insyaallah.

So i dont think its right to blog about the activities in ramadhan (dapat telur angsa je nanti), but m sure posting this photo up is ok..

A paper bag, doylies & polkadot ribbons. Eheeeee

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