Friday, 18 January 2013 sekolah..

Mons started pre school on 3rd Jan 2013. Woo. Excited kedua ibu bapa dan anak kecil nya. But caveman was unfortunately not around on her first day.

During the school holidays she kept asking when is she going to school. Woah kiteorang pun excited la kan. Ni mesti macam mommy ni, tak takot gi school selamber rock je my abah tunggu like.. 10 mins? And left.

Or so we thought.

First day.. sume ok.. though i had to stand outside her class. Sometimes in the class. At one point i was standing in front of the class. Like a boss that i am. And she only cried 10 mins before class is dismissed. Heck yeaaa!

Second day.. pagi2 dah bergado berebut bagai. Belum 9am dah nangis. Aduhai. Alhamdulilah her teachers were great.. and that quickly settled. But i still had to wait for her at school. But it was much better today as i could wait outside her class..and school.. and she didnt come looking for me. Yeay! Helllloo Monday la kan (her first day was a Thurs).

Sunday... demam. Flu. Cough. Demmit.

Mons hardly gets sick.. but once she does.. she needs a longggg recuperating period. So she was out of school the whole week. 3 hari sakit. 2 hari liat. Mind you this was still an orientation week where her classes were from 8.30 to 10.30.

Jeng jeng jeng.. 3rd week. Dengan penuh semangat she woke up at subuh. Siap2. And we are geared for school. Sent her off. She didnt even look at me as i walked out od her class. But when i picked her up at 11.30am.. she was crying. Her teacher said "baru je nangis ni". Which means, she was doing ok that day.. except for that last bit. She only she's hungry.. but i know her all too well. Something is bugging her.

Tuesday.. kejut2 tanak bangun.

Wednesday.. kejut2 terus je berdengkur.

Thurs.. semangat nak gi school. Sampai school melalak. Like..seriously wailing. I couldnt leave her there kan. Eventhough her teachers said i should. And i know every god damn parents would tell me the same. But hei.. this is my kid & i aint gonna leavr her behind crying. M a sucker for "dont give your kid the impression she cant trust you" ideology shits. It took us a while to leave the school ground.. because...she didnt wanna leave! She just wants me to hold her & stay in school. While she cries. Aiyohh.

I did some googling and one parent's view stood out.. at 4.. sending them to school is not about academics. Its about social skills. Find a middle ground that would work for your kid.. and make them like school again.

Letting them vent will (eventually) lead us to the main reason they didnt want to go to school.

A few of those articles that i find useful :

So i guess i'm not alone. But i do feel alone. You know la Malaysian parents. Sume nak menang. Sume pun competition. Takkan nye ngaku anak dema ade problem. Padahal ramai je budak melalak tadi kat sekolah. And i wasnt the only parent holding a wailing child.


Keep calm & hijab on..

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