Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Aku dan Dirimu..

like u havent heard enough via my music player on the side bar.. i just had to upload this vid, huh? what can i say.. m sure m not the only minah luv sick around (ngaku cepat).. i think this combination of ari lasso (whom m a big fan of since dewa 19 days) & bunga cinta lestari is pretty good.

weep people, weep!

p/s : i saw a trailer of a movie done by BCL titled kangen. to my surprise the main actor was this hottie whom played a tiny part in Berbagi Suami (the 3rd story.. the chinese girl's fling ..Firman). wee! but i think he died in the movie. so, tak payahla tengok. but trust me.. he' s hot! Rueben somethin his name is.

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