Wednesday, 26 December 2007

151 and counting..

well what d'ya know.. its my 151 post. counting down the new year and all.. i think its only right to do an entry of the entire 2007. this has been a great year (though the next few days towards its end will be hell).


*No new addition. i thought 1 of my SIL will finally take the plunge & get me a niece. but no, didn't happen. maybe next year *grin* .
*lil bro was sent off to uni.. finally doing what he luvs. which i luv cos he's got so much going on & seeing him bumming around is a pain cos he stinks. hahah! plus, the broadband is finally in my room. ngehngeh.
*the family saw a lot of strain when the elderlies got unwell.. and got better..
*the ups & downs of young families were tested over & over again. but its all in good faith & we hang on to our bonds. Alhamdullilah.


*blergh. apart from the new office .. and coming late like everyday ( i still cant adapt to the 8.45am routine, even after 2 years *grin*), nuthin much has changed.
*some days we're allrite.. some days we're so stressed out i cant believe this is happening to me at 28! but it's all good & m grateful cos i still have my job.. and promoted.. eventhough i screwed up big time this year ..*ngehngeh*


* lily allen.. amy winehouse..JT ..gym class heroes..plain white T..a lot of timbaland..
* online movies
* more & more grey's anatomy.. w/o burke :( and dun get me started on denny
* AF might not return WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!


*unlike 2006, which 6 of my peeps got hitched.. this year only 2 got hitched. well there are other weddings.. but these are my peeps, u know? (lupa.. 1 is a mate.. not peeps, sorry syed! haha). slowly the single circle's diameter is getting smaller. soon will diminish like the 1 cent by 2008. *bestie moved to the land of pyramids, which sux. cos eventhough when she was in KL & i dun meet her that often.. she's here.. just a drive & 1 tol away. now.. she's 10 hours flight away.. and i need to strike loteri or nombor ekor just to visit her.
*almost ended it w/ another peep.. luckily our peepness cement sangat gagah no one can break us. some had the best year.. some had the worst year.. m glad i didn't lose anyone this year. Alhamdullilah.
* 2 very prominent virtual peeps (u know who u r...!) became real peeps.


*put on more weight than i ever imagined. i thought i'd never did cos i was only 47kg in Nov 06. now..sigh.blame caveman.
*started my photography addiction when i swap my lumix for t50.
*girly trip was a success.. siem reap. it was so last minute my baju was all wrong. haha! but the best trip so far. krabi pun kalah (no wories, caveman dun read my blog *haha*). apart from the great architecture & history.. the last trip yummy mummy, tall munchkin & i went to was melaka-genting-kl in 1994! so that alone, is the clincher.
* office trip was fun! kebaya shopping in Padang.
*bat mobile.. awww..
* i cook.. masyaAllah. hahahaha!
*caveman.. need i say more? no further details.. nanti korang laloq. *LOL*

i cant believe how fast time flew. i remembered being pretty luv sick in january cos my at that time bf was away, w/ roaming. the next thing i know.. its already at the end of the financial year.. then he came back.. then we got engaged.. and now he's back to work again. and m luv sick again.. worst!

many asked what i would be doing on new years. i, will be completing my Kursus Perkahwinan. imagine that. i was told there's gonna be a test *huarghh!*. i guess that's how my 2007 will end. so u people can go out & party.. i will be at home.. telling my mom how miserable i was, sitting in the class.. alone.. updates.. on 1st January 2008. InsyaAllah..

Here's to a great year ahead.

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Zainur said...

kursus kawhwin ada test ke woii??
alamak, aku takut la pulak..ahaha!!!

little miss kechik said...

ada.. but they say everyone usually passes. USUALLY. hahahah!will let u know wut the test about k.. some places wa dengar dah kena interview dulu.. amik kauu!!

Exotica! said...

I took my kursus kahwin two years ago..tapi kahwinnya tak jugak hehehehe...

Kahwin itu indah hehehe.

little miss kechik said...

oklah tu.. atleast takyah test2. who knows what they'll implement next. presentation? amik obattt! hahahha!

Aku said...
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Zainur said...

kena presentation apa tu?
ada praktikal tak?
kalo ada aku nak lah! hahaha!
eh, nakalnye akuuu