Monday, 31 December 2007

Cheers to 2008...!!

Happy new year... as cheesy as this may sound.. i am doing this blog at 12.00 am sharp.. 01/01/2008. yep. new year. at home. blogging. w/ fireworks meletup letup outside my window. it made me missed caveman even more cos we spent last year's new year together.. and it was the first time he told me he loved me. aww shut up i know what u peeps are thinking! *LOL*

anyways.. looking back (yes, i really cant sleep tonight).. i remembered the eve of 2000 my housemates back in uni were partying somewhere in JB. and trust me, it wasn't the best new year party. the people were mainly fake. i actually met this guy, who's 16 (but seriusly hot) and partying at the club. and his chicks were all my age (even at my age at that time was considered too old for him!!) and some under age ones were looking pissed off cos their competitors were unchallengeable la to say the least *LOL*

some of my new years during uni years were spent in lecture halls or exam halls. yup.. johor tak cuti for new year. it was pretty crazy to adapt to.. but after we get the hang of it.. it's nothing. and after uni.. its all work work work. i think the only time i celebrated new years.. was .. hmm.. none! *grin*

i went through the photographs i took in 2007 and some made me laugh.. some made me tears dwell.. some just pisses me off. despite it all.. i love every bit of 2007. no matter how stressed i was this year. no matter how far i was from my supposed direction. no matter how much overspent i was. it was a fabulous year.

i learnt who my real friends are. i learnt to appreciate my family more. i learnt i can gain 7kg and stick to it. i also learnt it took me less than 6 months to gain that.. and 6 months to not lose anything! *LOL*

caveman was a big part of 2007. i never thought i'd understand how my friends who had hubbies who worked far2 away, many2 weeks & months, could hang on to it. i do know. i never figured out how my mom survived missing abah when he sailed for more than 6 months. i know now. i never thought i'd finally decided to get hitched. well, i did.. and it was to someone that everyone, even myself, thought was "so not my type" *LOL* well.. yummy mummy did knock some sense in me.. "find a caveman.. find a caveman" hahaah!

to my family and peeps.. may 2008 is blessed with rezeki yg the very the banyak .. Amin..

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