Monday, 31 December 2007

mundane monday

heh. so much for the upbeat weekend. not. im still very tired from the 1 1 /2 day course (bad food, less water). woke up this morning feeling very 60 year old *cringe*. i need a good holiday.. and witch reminded me of my have not been planned honeymoon. oh well.. no need to swamp my purple brain about it for its gonna be to monsoony to head to Japamala, Tioman when the time comes *sob sob*.

the office was full of stressed out vibe, that eventually wears me out as early as 10.30am. m supposed to bring in RM1m this morning.. instead i incur a loss of RM1.16m. huarghh! i need a holiday!!

my friend was telling me he's heading to Spain for work next year. Spain? for work?? huarghh!! so to help him out (nak sedapkan hati sendiri)... i compiled a few things about Spain that i think might help. It would also help him to do a great photography project. I mean, just think of the Sagrada Familia. i also saw on Twiggy's blog that she was blogging on this huge unfinished temple. kewl ei? tak kira la bawak camera besor mana.. this would be uber kewl.

apart from the architecture, what else.. bull fighting? gory, but i dont think it should be missed *hee* apart from Barcelona, Benidorm would be a good bet. knowing my friend is a photography junkie, being close to the water (instead of all building, building, buildings) would be a good change.

sigh.. i hate these people who loves their job. as for me.. m gonna go & get me a queen bed my mom have been pestering me to get. its the last thing i haven't got to revamp my single crip to a love nest. hahahahahaah!

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