Monday, 17 December 2007

mc yang berfaedah ;)

spending the whole day at home feels good (oh please dun let my boss reads this *LOL*). dvd.. blogging..ym..being poisoned on bandung (2 peeps at the same time on ym.. kuat btul tuba dorang bagik)..

and to top it off.. finally get to go out w/ mama to get the hydrangeas. no matter how hard i tried to stop her from diverting, she did end up buying an orchid. like we dun have enough. hahah!

so we went to 3 nurseries. the 1st.. we only got a newbie. only leaves. no flowers or buds in sight. still bought em. excitement of getting 2 pot were reduced to 1. wee! RM8.00. she told us, plenty of water.. normal fertilizer.. plenty of shades.

the 2nd one.. told us she brought em back from cameron highlands and it didnt bloom. she blamed the weather. made me wonder how my cousin in bangi did it. hmm..

the 3rd one was the winner. we walked in and immediately saw 2 pots. 1 in purple, the other in pink. weee!! it was RM16.00 and RM8.00. not only this nursery was this behind my taman.. (the 1st was 10km away), it had what we wanted. tak payah drive jauh2. damn.

anyway.. they told us it takes 3 months to bloom. so, 1 cycle... 3 months. i wonder if they could make it on time for the wedding. hmmm...

wish us luck..!

p/s : if all else fails.. i found a florist who sells the plastic ones for RM6.90 per stalk. haahaha! and there's always forget me nots and baby's breath. sebaldi kat cameron highland baru rm10.00. hahahah!

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