Tuesday, 18 December 2007


hee.. m pretty sure from the title of this post.. many, especially Kue has concluded that i've jumped on the band wagon. yep.. m on blogsvertise. yes i need the extra dough and i think it would be nice to have dough comin in, especially in paying back my credit card *grin*

it sounded pretty easy. all i need to do is :

1. have a paypal account
2. register with blogsvertise
3. upon activation of account, to write an entry on blogsvertise
4. should it be approved.. i will be assigned to blog on the advertiser.

simple innit? details of the rules&regulation can be found here.

luckkk peopleee... !!!! updates soon..


ku E said...

hie sis!... wahhh happy nye when i see u have registered with blogsvertise too ;) at least we will get an extra income via what we love to do right i.e. BLOGGINGGGGG!!! lol...

little miss kechik said...

*LOL* i wish dorang bagik assignment senang cket. citer rendang ke.. cupcake ke.. psal baju ke.. ini insurance.. austria.. tanye la psal bandung ke.. jakarta ke.. haha! teman complete 1st assignment masa lunch ni yong.. ate gile tak gile!

a yummy mummy handbook said...

ure getting paod for this????...hwoc ool is that....berapa die bayar???

u have to write something for them????

little miss kechik said...

cket cket.. lama2 jadik bukitt... heheh! so far i made USD13 in 2 days.. hehe