Wednesday, 19 December 2007

threading and what comes with it..

yesterday, while waiting for the clock to strike 17:45 (yes, m so no in the mood).. i realised my brows are worst than my nephews. its only been a month since my last threading visit. gila. *grin*

my friend Suba was kind enough to wait for me. she's like our regular "threader" and did very pretty henna designs. she was telling me about this girl who met with a tragic incident. i dunno which was more painful.. the news of the accident.. or my brows. she was very, very young.. tender age of 23.. and the bread winner of the family.

worst thing is.. i was informed that she had her whole family covered via insurance.. but herself. dang! i hate it when i hear these things. even for caveman.. i can stop reminding him to take up insurance.. take up life insurance.. for him being in such jobs i think its only reasonable.

of course, what i've always noticed, especially orang kita.. are always contemplating on taking up insurance.. mainly, they hate meeting insurance people. and i used to date this insurance guy (no, he dont sell them.. he trains them.. ) .. he's just as annoying. hahaha! hello.. go online and check it out la.

then there's the issue on premiums. how much do i need to pay? some was going.. paying this much for something i cant see? i dont think so! well d'uh.. i even have insurance covering my credit card. life is too short to be taken lightly (tua betul aku rasa *LOL*). plus.. there are so many option you can consider.. any affordable amount is workable.

for my peeps for haven't taken it up.. take it up. even for your credit cards.. for caveman.. hee.. kerja senang..


a yummy mummy handbook said...

as muchas i hate insurance..and insurance ppl..i have insurance for everything..hahahha...even bubbles...incase something happen to her parents..:D.

but im suprise wan hasnt got any???? of all ppl he should have one.......and i wlll shut my Gob now..:D

little miss kechik said...

yea, his sense of finance&everythin that comes w/ it is very cavemanly. he thinks things can only happen at sea cos thats when he's covered. hee. but no weries.. bisa diatur..haah!

Exotica! said...

I've got to get my eyebrow done every two weeks. I love threading! In fact baru semalam buat.

little miss kechik said...

yea.. kecantikan melalui penderitaan. but i think its the best option to de-brow. hehe!