Saturday, 22 December 2007

topiary and telinga

being hari gaji.. i woke w/ a smile. hehe! of course, it didn't last long.. after a list of fund transfers, i was back to being a monkey paid w/ peanuts. heheh!

so today's activity was trying our hands on making a topiary. i bought the flowers last month.. but with along &baby around.. i cant really do much. especially mama. so we did it today. the red one is mom's, mine is blue.not bad la for 1st timers kan. haha! it cost about less than RM10 each. itupun sebab the stand is actually kayu manis. i bought them in padang. macam dahan kayu btul. haha! if anyone knows where / how i can get it done for much less.. holler. hahaha!

and.. after much thinking... i pierced my ears. again. for the 2rd time in my life. hhaha! d 1st was done when i a tiny tot. kasik tutup cos it was so tedious to take it off everytime i have my games. then i pierced it again when i was in form 1 ( i think).. and later took it off & never wore it again .. also due to my sports reasons (no wonder i was thin back then.. hmm).

it didn't hurt.. even til now. but dunno la kan *grin* i even bought 1 really kewl stud.. after 10 mins of getting my ears pierced. haha! semangat gaban. i did it cos during the engagement, my ears looked really bare.. and boring.

here's to womanhood... hahahahhaha!

and here's a pic of the new hydrangea i got.. its green&purple! hehe! and all the hydrangeas in a row.. ;) as well as the mysterious cute little flower. anyone knows its name, do let me know.

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