Monday, 24 December 2007

bags.. bags.. bags..and shoes.. and charms

ni sah jangkit yummy mummy.. and witch ros have been poisoning me, w/ her hubby in the State for Boxing Day and all. m stuck at the office.. alone.. and goggling for bags.. i mean. not too early right to shop for hantaran? hahahahah (Alasan w/ a capital A).

actually i was just trying to satidfy my cravings for shopping. urgh. no more for 2008. boring! boring! i bought crackers yesterday. go figure.. *grin*

so i was going through kipling fergie collection.. i must say it is very2 kewl. dah tu tatau nak google ape.. i goggle la nine west.. i luv their clutches. cute! and on sale. arghh!!! then moved on topshop.. lulu guiness..forever 21.. ee sume la.. and no.. guess is not kewl. i duno why. why e? i think only their jeans are acceptable. they can actually accommodate my .. nevermind. maybe petang ni i'll google my ultimate favs.. tees. hehe!

i have a weakness for charms. though people may not notice, but i have tons. i just always forget to wear em. haha! no, i only lose em once (sorry mummy ;) ) and i luv forever 21 charms. i hope the one in penang will only open longgg longg after my wedding. hahahah! for now i can only tengok. uwa.

and my nephews r goin home today. uwaaa! as much as i luv my peace of mind.. m gonna miss em.. especially w/ along starting school soon..

p/s : as witch predicted, i did swerve into a different direction. she told me to google bags, and bags only. agak2.. kalau kirim kat hubby witchy ros mende lain selain handbag.. die marah tak? its not undies btw.. *LOL*


zianeyee said...

Hi ! interesting blog with many little unusual products . Will be dropping by again to see and "hear" more new goodies !

izailiha said...

hehehe... tis jablei, definitely hv lotsa of thought and ideas.. on.on.on.. free ma...(suruh cari hbag, lain pulak di pegi!)wakaka

little miss kechik said...

lai lai lai lai.. panggil aku si jablai..


Exotica! said...

Miss Kechik? Sounds familiar, but not sure who is this exactly!

Good review you have there! I guess i need a spacious room to do the same hahahha!