Sunday, 30 December 2007

wishful weekend..

i grinned as i typed the entry title.. but let me tell u something.. m soooo glad i enrolled on the Kursus Pra Perkahwinan (or sounded something like that) this weekend. the last kursus kahwin for 2007. and i was informed.. that next year.. the course will be a 5 day course.. and costs Rm300. phehh!! but i dunoo if this will actually take off.. i googled it & didn't find anything on it. haa.. takott.. takott.. ;)

well.. it was an OK 1 1/2 day course. nevermind the fact that i sat beside little miss know it all. ustaz tanye die jawab.. die tanye ustaz jawab.. *LOL* banyak cakap lak tu.. dah tu.. time peksa.. tak kasik tiru! she was actually covering her answers! as if..! *LOL* and she turn out to get less than us in the test.. hahaha! wickedd.. wicked.. sitting beside me was little miss nice. and beside her was little miss becok. masyaAllah.. becok gile. amendeee la minah tu membebel. and they call me akak. blerghh!!

most of the ustaz made my mind wonder far.. far away from IKM Manjung tu. hehe! boring boring. except for 1 ustaz, whom i think is natively Perakian. very funny. and the lady from Kementerian Kesihatan (note : she said, take acid folic 3 months before the wedding. fuhh).

the test was easy peasy. trust me.. if it comes from me.. then it is easy. example :

Asmah dan Azman kehilangan seorang anak kerana penyakit jantung. Apakah yang patut dilakukan oleh pasangan ini?

a. menculik anak orang lain
b. mendera anak yang lain
c. menyalahkan takdir
d. redha


enough on the course. it was also a weekend where my parents angkat from Muar came for a visit. i havent met them since my brothers' wedding. it was good to meet em again. and they actually told me.. comparing to their grandkids..taking care of me, was nothin! hahaha!

sigh.. what a weekend. no rest. but i was told than ive had too much rest already. i told myself that actually.. cos i can pinch my luv handle while listening to the ceramah. *LOL*

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Twiggy said...

hey there!'re getting married too? yay for you!!! :D i've linked to you, cheers!!