Saturday, 12 January 2008

backpacking know how..

for those who have gone on a holiday with me.. would know that i pack practically everything you would need. too hot? have an evian mist. too cold. have a thermal. baby wipes is super essential. sunblocks even to the temples. hats. pareo. dun forget the cosmetic bits of it. *LOL*

but ive never been on a backpacking trip. and 10 days!! there are many backpacking tips available on the net.. but mainly for guys.. and backpacking through the wilderness.

so when i came across Girls Travel Club, i was thrilled. i especially like reading the packing list part. never thought lavender oil would be important. must find my tiny bottle of lavender tonite. hee. i mean.. this lady travelled for 12 months, carrying less than 6 kg (of course die tak gi bandung! LOL)

speaking of bandung.. went to SSF & earlier met w/ my seamstress. he just had a liposuction. and showed me the scar. aduh. and everything in SSF (that i wanted) is so expy. until my SIL drop the bomb.. one of her friend has a discount card of 45%. woohooooo!!!!!!

now that.. m gonna need a bigger list... *grin*


seweng said...
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seweng said...
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seweng said...

wow...ur life must be sooo colourful!well,at least more colorful than mine...asek jalan je... :)

nice site...surely b visiting here a lot! :)

p/s:where can i get the song aku dan dirimu?

little miss kechik said...

takde la colorful sangat.. mostly black, white, blue, purple&pink je. teehee!