Saturday, 12 January 2008

Java Jive

macam penah pakai je title ni. nvm..

apart from being super stressed out bout the trip.. little tim2 & i have decided to chill & just go w/ the flow. bismillah je la.. insyaAllah.. u peeps better b praying for me..

anyone has any tips on surabaya - jogja - bandung trips.. anythin on mt bromo & the borobudur.. do drop me a line. i wish yummy mummy&tall munchkin r w/ me on this. visiting borobudur will it my 2nd ancient ruin trip. a lot of people just dun get why we're into these ancient ruins. even caveman. sumpah tobat die tanak gi. but.. i dunno how to explain it. can u imagine how it was created it the 1st place? a gajillion years ago.. and still standing strong til today. ofcourse i heard the ruins in prambanan was affected by the quake in 2006 i hope i get this right). the sight of it is still fantastic. i remembered angkor wat being perfectly symetrical.. and this was before physics & maths.

as for mt. bromo.. this will be my 1st ever mounting trip. many of my peeps have been trying to drag me to mt kinabalu.. but m just not into this hard work. of course.. seeing these photographs of mt. bromo.. i just had to see it for myself. plus.. its only a 1/2 hike.. the rest is via jeep&ponies. heheheh!

so.. apart from me.. here's what u'll be missing as well.. ngehngehngeh!

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