Thursday, 17 January 2008

between 1992 to 1996

amp up ur mp3 while reading this.. trust me.. the effects are amazing! hahaha! but since m doing this at the office.. all the mp3 ive been compiling for this entry is not available. yet.

poe was mentioning about the songs we listened when we were in skool. those were the best days of my life. wouldn't trade it for anything.

there was a definite revolution between 1992 to 1996...and some of this will reduce most of us to a blushing nightmare.. but hei..

1992 ... the NKOTB fever subsided. realised the true meaning of hotties (yes, used fancy jordan knight. . LOL). i think bon jovi starts to kick in our genes. and i loved TLC!! this was when hip hop & r&b was seeping in our blood.. kriss kross la, en vouge la. of course, this was when nirvana was super, super huge. but little do i know.. sigh..

1993..arghh.. zaman kegelapan. haha! this was when the malaysian hip hop invasion. yummy mummy.. confess!!! LOL! 4U2C, Kru, Feminin.. what have yous.. make me cringe when i think about it. and whenever i saw AC on telly.. or some of these kids when m in KL.. i just wanna die laughing! nexttt!!! wait.. i think this was when brit pops were discovered.. aaa.. take that..boyzone.. yummy.. heheh!

1994.. aaaa... the grudge side is coming out of our pores. but before it totally took over our lives.. we were listening to sheryl crow, bon jovi, oasis (which was our anthem), blur, jann arden (i still love Insensitive til today!)..beck, jamiroquai, alanis morrisset (cane nak spell ni?? lupaa), sigh.. the good old days..then.. we discovered REM. need i say more?

1995.. no turning back.. we've all been poisoned (it was good poison).. silverchair, ash (do you remember the time when u were a girl from mars!!), deep blue something (ok, a bit more mellow but we luved breakfast at tiffany's), space (i first met you hanging knickers on the line.. hehe), garbage, frente, better than ezra, president of the united states of america..and blur's super the great escape album (lives in a house, a very big house in the country).. of course.. oasis's what's the story morning glory..skunk anansie..the cranberries, weezer..ish i can go on forever!

1996.. stone temple pilot (bing bang baby), breathe (prodigy), portishead, kula shaker, no doubt, save ferris, a year where most of us ventured to the other side of alternatives. this was also a year where we spent our last days together.. and m proud to say... none of my peeps changed 1 bit.. wooohooooooooo!!!!!!!

now how i wish i have a scanner so i can upload some of our pix.. (khemy aku tauuu ko tengah ketakotannnn!! wakakakakkaak)


a yummy mummy handbook said...

yes...u cought me red handed, i can never get out of this..haha and im proud of it!!!..kru...yes iactually went to this office or something kat melawati or sitiawangsa i cant remember..!! those were the days...but these are the songs that shaped me to who i am...hahahha...:D.

ateh u ader keset kru lagi ker..hahahha.....

ingat lagu raya ku2c...bergemar takbit di pagi raya...bla..bla..bla..blaablaaa...

little miss kechik said...

i dunno where they are la..need to find em.. kot2 tape feminin (yg kau gi belikan!) ade lagi.. hahah!