Wednesday, 16 January 2008

breakin up..

reading yummy mummy's entry on a break up made me wanna write this. yea, we're blog stalkers.. so? *LOL* and since m so lost at my papers.. maybe this oughta lighten me up a bit.

ive heard many, many versions of the break up. be it from the girls.. or from the guys.. my earliest break up experience was in uni. it was brisk, via email, cos i dun ever wanna hear from him after finding out he two timed me for a gal he soon dumped after being dumped by me. he's gonna kill me if he reads this.. hahah! we're good friends til this day however. it was a classic "bestfriend telling me i know about your boyfriend but only trying not to hurt you by not telling" story.

over the years.. many have come crying..screaming.. w/ their break up stories. of course it gets lesser as we grow ermmm old (ouch). but most of my peeps who had their fair share of mata bengkak will eventually be the happiest chick on earth. hee.

here are a few other common break up lines (gathered from peeps as well as own) :

1. i luv u.. taapi kite memang takde jodoh. kita ditakdirkan jadik kawan je (sure u must've that conversation w/ God to know this huh?)
2. there's someone else (and pigs also fly)
3. its over (followed by hujah berjela2)
4. u r pushy.. (masa ko nak dulu, tak pushy?)
5. this is too much for me.. i have my exams, parents, dogs, dvd writer, to think about (ngeh).
6. m not ready to commit to a serious relationship (rite. then we heard he's humping someone else, 2 weeks after that)
7. u r a manic possessive freak! (tried & tested LOL)
8. u r pushy la. gi carik orang lain boleh? (to reply to number 4 dalam kes rujuk)
9. i dunno what happen.. but .. this aint working out (lost in transition but need a quick exit)
10. there's no one else, but i sorta met someone. but this is not because of her (my favourite.. can turn my angelic face into raksaksa jepun in 2 second, flat!)

sigh.. the heart ache of all heart ache. but people move on nevertheless.. with dents & lebam (inside) here & there.. the strong ones get stronger.. the weaker ones get bitter (and soon stronger).. insyaAllah.. and when there are no more break ups.. just say.. alhamdullilah..


Twiggy said...

i love love LOOOOVE this post!! i'm gonna do one on breakups jugak lah! *grin*

little miss kechik said...

hhahhaha! yes, its infectious innit!??

a yummy mummy handbook said...

haha stalkers..!!!..