Thursday, 24 January 2008

bring on the dough..!

make money

after numerous attempts by Kue, i finally take the plunge and sign up for PayPerPost. another way to grow my little paypal account (which, Kue hasn't told me how to withdraw! hee).. either that.. or i can just shop online.. now innit a neat idea? (eyes beaming w/ pride.. LOL). i know Kue have made quiet a substantial amount of dough in such a short period.

its pretty much the same as other money making via blog thingy.. u need a blog (duh).. sign ur blog up.. get it approved.. and start posting entries. from the list of advertisers involved, it seemed pretty neat. a variety of interests can be chosen to streamline advertisers to hire you to write bout em. rather than getting posts which u know nil about, this seemed like a good idea. it took me a while to grasp the whole idea, but by looking through a few blogs that has registered with PPP.. it seems easy.

and now m on a roll to poison other blog stalkers.. heheheh! i mean.. good poison, yes? then we can compete & see who writes the cheesiest entry *LOL*

here's to online dough... cheers!!

p/s : now need to ask Kue how she makes so much so fast hehehehe!

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